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Dropkick Murphys @ Vega, Copenhagen, 2008-04-03 [Concert Review]

Dropkick Murphys - Wanker Vega - Copenhagen - 2008-04-03

This Thursday Boston's Irish "punk"-rockers paid a visit to Copenhagen's Wanker Vega. Some friends of mine had talked me into buying a ticket to witness this so-called live energy explosion. The recorded material I had listened to beforehand hadn't entirely convinced me, but sometimes a band just has to be experienced live to make fully sense. Maybe this was the case with Dropkick Murphys?

The support: Against Me!, The Deadly Sins

I didn't hear the first support band "The Deadly Sins", but rumour has it that they played an okay set. Their female singer joined in during the Dropkick Murphys gig and sang a single song, and she had a good voice and received deserved applause by the audience.

I did hear the second support band "Against Me!". They started very good with uptempo soft punk, and it seemed that they would be an okay experience. Unfortunately it went downhill from there on, and some of their songs almost reminded me of pop music. The pit was however warming up, and it was clear that the audience was in for a pretty wild Thursday night.

The mainshow: Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys did to some extend play an okay gig. Some people call it punk, but I can't really agree with that. It is too well polished and well performed and produced. It's like a wild version of Irish folk music - complete with dudelsack, banjo, harmonica and all. The audience went absolutely nuts and it seems that a lot of people love them to death. Personally I'm not really sure why. Yes, the music is quite good most of the time. The leadsinger is okay and the bandmembers play well. But seriously, it gets a bit of a lot of the same. Their melodies and songs simply aren't good enough.

I kinda enjoyed watching the audience from above, seeing how they went more or less nuts with crowd surfing and jumping into each other. At times it was even more entertaining than the band. But at the same time I was pretty glad that I had found a spot upstairs to watch the whole gig from. Maybe I'm too old for that shit. Maybe I just wasn't enough into the music.

Well, I put a cross on my list. Been there, done that. So don't expect to find me at the next Dropkick Murphys gig in Copenhagen. Fine entertainment it surely is, but not much more than that.

Rating: 4

Band: Dropkick Murphys

Venue: Vega, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2008-04-03

Support Bands: Against Me!, The Deadly Sins

Ticket Price (DKK): 225

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

Content Type: Concert Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2008-04-04 20:17

Created: 2008-03-31 20:11

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