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Dredd 3D [2012]

Apparently I am among the few who actually love the 1995 version of "Judge Dredd" with Sylvester Stallone. I liked the comic book design and feel, the costumes and the story. I would however have preferred if they had toned down the humor a bit and had let Dredd keep his helmet on thru the entire movie. With all this in mind I was a bit worried about watching the new Dredd 2012 in the cinema.

It turned out that I didn't have to worry much. Mega-City One has become a much more dark and realistic world. Also it has become a truly ultra violent experience. I'm actually not a fan of this realistic tendency also found in Nolan's "Batman" movies all of which I despise. For some reason however it works a lot better with Dredd. Dredd has never been a man of many words. He usually fixes the situation with his Lawmaker gun and then hands out the hard sentence which is very often Death.


Karl Urban is just as perfect as Dredd as I personally thought Stallone was and Olivia Thirlby also does a very fine job as the rookie judge who has psychic powers and she also has a lot more feelings than the stone hard Judge Dredd. I've come to love Lena Headey as Queen Cersei in "A Game Of Thrones" and I am pleased to see her in a great performance here as gang boss Ma-Ma.

The 3D effects didn't really do much for me nor did the slow motion sequences illustrating the effects of the new drug Slo-Mo which is a main part of the story. I think the 3D and slow motion effects in "Resident Evil - Retribution 3D" are a hell of a lot more impressive. But luckily not everything is about effects. The new Dredd movie is mostly about ultra violence.

Almost all of the movie takes place in a locked-down building block named Peach Trees run by Ma-Ma's Slo-Mo gang. Let's just say that the fire is free and the killings can begin! It's a thrill to watch and it's extremely entertaining. It's certainly one of the best action movies in a while. And don't worry, it's got a bit of humour too.

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