KP says

Drag Me To Hell

Some review said that this was a movie much the type of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness (probably because of the same director/writer Sam Raimi). Well, unfortunately it isn't like that.

It has it's fun bits and pieces and the actors are quite good in their roles, but it is basically a ridiculous load of crap with ghosts and demons and fortunetellers designed to please the average easily scared young girl. It offers absolutely nothing for the hardcore horror fan (read: me) and I was rather disappointed. Even the popcorns were rather lousy, but the Coke was good.

Maybe I'll put on "Army Of Darkness" later tonight and rediscover why I once loved Sam Raimi's movies.

I think I read somewhere that an Evil Dead IV is on it's way and I guess that it will be more like my kind of movie. Hopefully Bruce Campbell will be back as that fantastic Ash character of his.

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