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Depeche Mode @ Parken, Copenhagen, 2009-06-30 [Concert Review]

Depeche Mode -  Live @ Parken, Copenhagen, 2009-06-30

I had a rough day before it, not feeling well at all, and I wasn't really in the mood for a stadium concert. I decided to go anyway, since I had the ticket.

It was a great show, but not quite excellent since it had a few too many bad songs in the setlist and it lost momentum at times. The sound was however amazingly good for a concert at Parken, a place that is notoriously known for killing good sound completely. It should however be noted that we were at the front and the sound is always better there than it is in the other areas of Parken where it almost always sounds like a mud bath of pure crap.

The voices of David Gahan and Martin Gore were very clear and the rest of the band sounded great as well. It is always difficult to figure out if Fletcher is really part of the band or why he is actually present on stage, but the other keyboard player Peter Gordeno seemed to be a lot more active in the live sound.

The visual layout with a massive globe and video screens looked great. Especially the way the globe was constantly being used in the design was really cool. I do however have my doubts how cool it may have looked from a distance since the design seemed better suited for a smaller venue than Parken. I've seen and heard more dedicated fans at a DM concert before, but there were surely a decent amount of dedicated fans present.

The hits like A Question of Time, I Feel You, Policy of Truth, Enjoy the Silence, Never Let Me Down Again, Stripped, Personal Jesus were the highlights. Way too many songs from the new album Sounds Of The Universe did however kill much of the momentum and didn't do any good for this concert. Sounds Of The Universe is simply a lousy album and the song Peace is really embarrassing to listen to - be it on record or live. Waiting for the Night was last song and a beautiful duet between David and Martin.

All in all a rather uneven experience but when it worked best it was great and it was visually pleasing. They can do better than this for sure, and I'm confident they'll be back some other time to prove it.

Rating: 4

Band: Depeche Mode

Venue: Parken, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2009-06-30


In Chains, Wrong, Hole to Feed, Walking in My Shoes, It's No Good, A Question of Time, Precious, Fly on the Windscreen, Little Soul, Home, Come Back, Peace, In Your Room, I Feel You, Policy of Truth, Enjoy the Silence, Never Let Me Down Again, Stripped, Master and Servant, Strangelove, Personal Jesus, Waiting for the Night.

Ticket Price (DKK): 675

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

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