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Dead Space [Game Review]

Dead Space

This game sucks even though it has a lot of potential and the graphics are quite nice. The mood and the environment are kinda scary on an abandoned spacestation that is a bit of a slaughterhouse with all the nasty alien creatures running around.

But you cannot enjoy a game when the controls BLOODY SUCKS! Your view is more or less restricted to look over your character's shoulder which sucks completely compared to looking through a character's eyes.

The controls are also kinda slow and it is very annoying to hear all the metallic noise from the suit when you walk around. To make this a complete disaster there is also way too many controls that you'll have to learn. Even a simple thing like weapon upgrades or save game progress has been turned into a pain in the ass.

I managed to play through the first chapter and then I gave up. The game can look as nice as it wants to. If the controls and your view as a player fucking stinks then it really ain't worth bothering.

This one goes directly in the trash can.

Rating: 1

Content Type: Game Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2009-12-28 14:21

Created: 2009-10-20 20:33

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