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David Bowie - "A Reality Tour (live 2003)", CD, [2009] [Record Review]

David Bowie - A Reality Tour (live 2003)

I saw Mr. David Bowie live when he opened the Reality tour here in Copenhagen @ Forum 2003. It was the first time ever I saw the man live (due to many circumstances) and sadly it may be the last time too because of the problems with his heart.

It would be very sad indeed if it is the last time I get to go to a Bowie gig because as can be witnessed on this cd - which has also been available as a DVD for several years - he was (and probably still is) one hell of a live performer. He sings incredibly well, he is witty and he had a fantastic band with him.

The live recording (Point Depot in Dublin, Ireland) you get here is a greatest hits collection spiced up with a surprising amount of real gems and rare live tracks like Sister Midnight and The Motel. Many songs are rearranged and it is just a pleasure to listen to because the live sound quality is absolutely excellent.

If you don't have this album there is no excuse not to buy it if you love Bowie's music. And let's face it, if you don't then you don't like rock music at all. The man is a true legend.

This 2009 2cd version includes 3 extra previously unreleased bonus tracks: Fall Dog Bombs The Moon, Breaking Glass, China Girl.

Rating: 5

Band: David Bowie

Record Title: A Reality Tour (live 2003)

This Release: 2009

Record Format: CD

Record Label: ISO

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

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Created: 2010-03-28 11:48

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