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D-A-D @ Underworld, London, 2012-02-29 [Concert Review]

D-A-D - Underworld, Camden, London - Live - 2012-02-29

D-A-D came to this small London club - The Underworld, and they hammered it down. I flew in from Copenhagen only for this gig, so I guess I must suffer from bad craziness. On the other hand it is a fact that Disneyland never let their disciples down! The band had as much fun on stage as we did on the floor. The venue is not a great one from a technical or acoustics point of view, but it sounded awesome from where I hung around and about, mostly to the right of the stage.

Stig had most of his basses with him but no pyrotechnics (very small stage area) and I even saw Jacob smile several times! ;) Laust smashed it all to bits and funky pieces and Jesper screamed and sang his soul out. Well, Stig helped a lot too. Two singers is only a plus.

I bought the last Disneyland psycho-mouse shirt and had a nice chat and a laugh and a half with the sound engineer, who had actually been present at "some other gig" I went to at The Underworld and maybe the band back then actually did hold some of the blame for the bad sound. He did convince me, I must admit.

No sound problems at the D-A-D gig though. The sound was very good indeed. Coulda been louder of course, but I always want it everything löuder than everything else.

Yes, they played all the hits, a few new songs and some songs in between. It all ended with "It's After Dark". What else did you expect? Oh, and the ticket price in London was 1/3 of same in Denmark. They better play some fucking outstanding danish gigs to provide more value for money than this one! :)

My second D-A-D gig outside of Denmark this one (I've seen them a few years ago at Wacken Open Air in Germany), and I fucking loved it. The boys are just even overmuch cooler when away from Denmark. See you guys soon at Frederiksberg. Twice. :) (er Frederiksberg en del af Danmark?)

Rating: 6

Band: D-A-D

Venue: The Underworld, London, UK

Concert Date: 2012-02-29


A New Age Moving In, Jihad, The End, Everything Glows, Point of View, Monster Philosophy, Reconstrucdead, Riding With Sue, The Place of The Heart, Grow or Pay, We All Fall Down, I Want What She's Got, Evil Twin, Bad Craziness, Last Time In Neverland, Sleeping My Day Away, Laugh 'n' A 1/2, I Won't Cut My Hair, It's After Dark.

Ticket Price (DKK): 130

Ticket Provider: Ticketweb

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