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D-A-D - "The Overmuch Box (limited edition)", Boxset, [2009] [Record Review]

D-A-D - The Overmuch Box (limited edition)

This is one hell of a cool limited edition boxset by one of Denmark's greatest rock bands Disneyland After Dark (or as Disney wants them named: D-A-D.) It has just been released to celebrate the band's 25 years anniversary.

It comes as a big metal "lunchbox" with the D-A-D logo proudly on top. It really looks pretty damn cool. On the sides of the box the 4 bandmembers have been so kind to autograph it (only done if pre-ordered from the official web site.)

Open the box, and you'll find some D-A-D stickers and there - well-protected in foamy material - the real stuff is hidden. Inside the box there is a cardboard cd box holding the 10 official studio albums (all remastered) and a cd version of the rare first EP called Standin' On The Never Never from 1985. Also there's an album called Behind The Seen holding rare, unreleased and b-sides.

To complete the cd box there's also a very cool and interesting 164 pages booklet telling the story from the beginning and up to present time discussing stuff like bandmembers, songwriting and producers for every album. The words are by Michael Valeur and there's lots of great pictures as well.

Since this is a limited edition there's even more: A cow skull shaped 2 GB USB key holding all the material from the CDs as 320 kbps MP3 files, and also including 4 bootleg live recordings and 2 extra tracks Sad Sad Xmas and House Of Fun (not included in the cd box.) Some of the files need a little additional tagging to work perfectly well in your digital player, but still it saves you quite some work not having to rip them all. But note that basically all of the bootleg files seem to have been tagged by a very stoned and/or drunk man.

As a bonus: I'd read the disappointing reviews in 2008 of the newest album Monster Philosophy and decided not to buy it back then. I've now learned that many reviewers are lame cunts and that it is in fact one of their best albums in my opinion. Sure they've released some crap as well, best illustrated by the Soft Dogs album from 2002 that sucks from the cover and all the way in. But it can't be argued that this boxset is a fantastic and enjoyable walk down memory lane holding so many great songs from danish rock history.

This boxset shows how a career spanning boxset could and should be done! This is an outstanding release!

Rating: 6

Band: D-A-D

Record Title: The Overmuch Box (limited edition)

This Release: 2009

Record Format: Boxset

Record Label: EMI

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2009-11-18 20:08

Created: 2009-11-17 11:44

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