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D-A-D @ Falconer Salen, Copenhagen, 2012-04-13 [Concert Review]

D-A-D - Falconersalen, Copenhagen, Denmark - Live - 2012-04-13/14

I'm still flying mighty mighty high from two excellent D-A-D gigs here in Copenhagen this weekend.

Yeah, they did it again as in super+ furious. Twice! Nobody in their right mind goes to see D-A-D two days in just one weekend. Except me, myself and your favourite dictator, of course. Having been to the rather intimate gig @ London's Underworld earlier this year, I kinda knew what to expect. Subtract the intimacy of the small Camden venue then add fire, fireworks and effects! Actually, it all balances out.

Both London and København were equally good. For different reasons obviously, but D-A-D have never sounded better. They are fucking awesome live - über rock and rollers and true entertainers.

Falconersalen was the perfect place for this 2x D-A-D springtime fun. It has never been known as a venue with any good acoustics. To be honest, it quite often sounds like muddy shite when a rock band kicks it off in there. No different this time around. Day 1 was not exactly a study in great sound, but the band were on fire, so most people probably didn't notice! Day 2 had better sound though, so I guess it means that the sound dudes are actually awake every now and then.

This is tower again, do you read me?

Which gig was the best then? Dunno. It's only minor details distinguishing the two of them. The crowd was on fire both days, and all the bad-ass cameras could hint at a HD bad-ass release sometime!? Fuck, yeah! Would be "udemærket" indeed!

UDEMÆRKET FALCONER! UDEMÆRKET! (og spil nu for helvede bare "Money always takes the place of life.", I véd I vil!)

Rating: 6

Band: D-A-D

Venue: Falconersalen, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2012-04-13


A New Age Moving In, Jihad, The End, Everything Glows, Lords Of The Atlas, Monster Philosophy, Reconstrucdead, Riding With Sue, Last Time In Neverland, Grow Or Pay, We All Fall Down, I Want What She's Got (With drum solo), God's Favourite, Bad Craziness, The Place Of The Heart, Sleeping My Day Away, Laugh 'N' a ½, It's After Dark.

Ticket Price (DKK): 340

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

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