KP says

Black Magic Six : "Choose Death"

This new record is the 4th full-length album from Black Magic Six. To begin with, it follows the well-known formula of the Finnish duo, with lots of dirty, noisy and massive garage rock, distorted guitar and pounding drums on "Dance With Me, Satan". But already on the second track "Shake, Shake, Shake" it becomes clear, that the boys are in a playful mood. I don't know if funky is the right word to describe it, but it's certainly groovy.

"All Night Long" is another stand-out track, where the vocals are done in a story-telling spoken-word kinda way, only to be followed by my current favorite track "Red Cloud", that I hope to hear live soon, if it has made it's way to the setlist. "Grease The Machine" is a typical up-tempo BM6 song and the first video single from the album. It holds up well against any old favorite from the band's previous albums. This album doesn't have a single weak track on it, from the effective opener to the epic closer "Golden Jackal".

Jukka (vocals, guitar) and Japa (drums) have outdone themselves here, and this album has a bunch of very varied songs. "This time it's music" - to use a great old Sigue Sigue Sputnik tag line. Not that it wasn't music before, but they didn't just take the easy road. Instead they have expanded their musical universe, while staying true to the stuff and sound they do best. Old fans will love this album, while it is also a great starting point for new fans to jump aboard.

This could easily become one of my favorite albums by Finland's most important rockers. It only runs for 27+ minutes, but I'd rather have 27 minutes of quality rock, than a lot of lame fillers, as you so often see from many bands in this digital age. It deserves to be played on lovely (red) vinyl and with the volume turned way up löud!

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