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Björk - "Volta", CD, [2007] [Record Review]

Björk - Volta

What is wrong with music reviewers when it comes to Björk? I've read that "Volta" is Björk back in top form being approachable and that "Volta" is a fantastic wonderful masterpiece? I think the problem is that many reviewers consider it good taste to fancy Björk no matter what she decides to release.

Let's be clear: Björk did some fantastic stuff with The Sugarcubes and her "Debut" album was an amazing pop album. The "Homogenic" album had some songs that were really great. But since then she has mainly released music that is so weird and ridiculous that only the most hardcore Björk lovers are able to listen to it. I admit that "Volta" is better than "Verspertine" and "Medúlla". But then again, almost anything in the music world is better than those two horrors.

The album starts off pretty well with "Earth Intruders" and "Wanderlust" but from there most of the rest is almost boring except for "Declare your independence" which has been overhyped (at least in the danish music press) and sounds somewhat ridiculous both in music and lyrics. Oh and by the way, some dude named Antony pops in on a couple of tracks and sings rather horribly.

If nothing more then the album packaging of the limited edition is nice and it also holds the album in 5.1 surround mixes on DVD.

Björk at the Roskilde Festival? Well, I think I'll find some other gig, unless Björk decides to reunite The Sugarcubes and she brings them along.

Rating: 2

Band: Björk

Record Title: Volta

This Release: 2007

Record Format: CD

Record Label: One Little Indian

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2007-05-13 12:17

Created: 2007-05-12 13:55

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