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Bjarne Riis on EPO [Sports Comment]

Bjarne Riis on EPO
Bjarne Riis admitted today that he did use EPO before, during and after his Tour de France victory in 1996. This came after several of his former Telecom tour mates had already admitted the same use of doping.

Now, first of all anybody who isn't a sad naive and very stupid blind dumb moron has known this for many years already. So what I don't get is why some people (including the danish minister for culture and sports and vicepresident of the anti-doping-agency WADA) now has to be so offended, surprised, feeling cheated and lied to and what else have we?

We have known this for years. Anybody who was anything in Tour de France was using doping. And that goes for several of the winners before and after Bjarne Riis. It is a public secret. It may not be possible to prove it but that doesn't necessarily make it any less true. If all the best riders were using doping then what difference does it make? I guess the best rider still won. It doesn't make the hard work and training the riders had to go thru any less amazing. It was how the system worked back then and just be glad that it seems to have improved a bit since. Bjarne Riis and his Team CSC is probably the best example of a cycling team who actively fights doping.

It now seems that some self-righteous wankers from UCI and various media representatives talk about a Tour de France 1996 without a winner. Well, how about Coppi, Merckx, Indurain, Ulrich, Armstrong and the rest of the bunch. How do we know if they were clean? Do we really want to know? When will this pathetic comedy end? Get it into your slow excuse for a brain, professional sports are about Life and Death and a hell of a lot of money. It ain't no kindergarden.

You people who feel offended now...please stop living in the past and move on. And please try to be just a little less naive.

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