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Betty Boo - "Boomerang", LP, [2022] [Record Review]

Betty Boo - "Boomerang", LP, [2022]

This is a brand new Betty Boo album that no one could have predicted. I loved Betty Boo's happy dance pop/hip-hop in the early 1990s and especially her second album "Grrr! It's Betty Boo" was brilliant. I was super surprised when I learned that a new album was on the way here 30 freakin' years later. I immediately pre-ordered a signed copy, not knowing at all what to expect, but we soon received a free Sampler CD with 5 tracks and it was easy to hear that this would actually be a pretty cool new album.

Now the full album is out on LP, CD and download. Take a look at the tracklist below. If you want all bonus tracks and remixes you'll need to get the Deluxe Digital Download that has no less than 29 tracks.

Betty Boo is really back! They stick to her trademark happy dance pop/hip-hop sound, but it doesn't sound dated at all. They have successfully managed to transfer it 30 years forward in time. It's super happy music and the melodies are catchy as hell. The lyrics are quite retro and fits the music and Boo's voice well. If you liked her music in the 1990s there's a near 100% chance you'll love the new album.

My love for you will go on and on
Heart beats like a big bass drum
Harder than an 808
Harder than an 808

There are several guest vocalists like Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Chuck D, David Gray and they all blend in perfectly. There is no need to point out the best tracks here because there are no bad ones and no fillers. Some are fast, some are slower, but it all work well. No need to hit skip here, just go with the flow and get your Boo on.

Yippy Yi Yo Yippy Yi Yay
Bring back the beats with no more delay
We could do this all night or we could do this all day
'Cos I wanna play

I really recommend this album. For what it is, it is damn near perfect and much better than any fan of the Boo could have hoped or wished for so many years later.

Yeah, I'll be bouncin' back like a Boo!

  • If you love vinyl like me, you'll obviously need the LP. The vinyl sounds fine, it's not just a cheap CD master. The LP includes lyrics and also contains a sheet with Boo stickers.
  • The CD comes with a booklet with the lyrics.
  • I will also recommend the Deluxe Digital Download. It has many bonus tracks and most of the remixes are in fact really great extended versions of the album songs, not just some stupid pointless DJ mixes. You know, real extended versions like they used to do back when we had those cool things called 12 inches.

Rating: 5

Band: Betty Boo

Record Title: Boomerang

This Release: 2022

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Betty Boo Records


All Versions (LP, CD, Download):

  • Get Me To The Weekend
  • Shining Star
  • Miracle feat. Chuck D
  • Right By Your Side feat. David Gray
  • Boomerang
  • Nobody Can Bring Me Down
  • Stop Your Nonsense (Bubblegum Pop!)
  • Never Too Late
  • All I Wanna Do Is Dance
  • 808
  • Superstar
  • Hell, Yeah
  • Shining Star feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Bonus Track)

CD + Download only:

  • SOS (Bonus Track)
  • Bright Lights (Bonus Track)
  • Get Me To The Weekend (Original Extended Mix)
  • Right By Your Side feat. David Gray (Extended Mix)
  • Miracle feat. Chuck D (Extended Mix)

Deluxe Digital Download only:

  • Shining Star (Extended Mix)
  • Boomerang (Extended Mix)
  • Nobody Can Bring Me Down (Extended Mix)
  • Stop Your Nonsense (Bubblegum Pop) (Extended Mix)
  • Never Too Late (Extended Mix)
  • All I Wanna Do Is Dance (Extended Mix)
  • 808 (Extended Mix)
  • Superstar (Extended Mix)
  • Hell, Yeah (Extended Mix)
  • Doin' The Do - 22 (Bonus Track)
  • Where Are You Baby - 22 (Bonus Track)

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