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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra @ Village Underground, London, 2012-06-20 [Concert Review]

Amanda Palmer - Rock gig, Village Underground, London 2012-06-20

Day 3 - Rock gig:

For this sold-out Amanda and The Grand Theft Orchestra gig the queue was much longer than the 2 previous days, and again we were being entertained by the bagpiper. Once we were inside the venue, the room slowly filled and the excitement rose.

There were 2 support acts this evening. Andrew Lawrence did a stand-up comedy show which I felt was a bit too long considering the crowded house, but it seemed that the crowd loved him. Jehrek also conducted his string quartet and he had some trouble keeping the crowd quiet throughout. Strings are perhaps not the best possible support act for a rock gig.

[Image no longer online] [Image no longer online]

Once Amanda and her 3 boys took the stage the house totally rocked. It turns out that The Grand Theft Orchestra has evolved into a massive garage-rock type of band with a punk attitude. Many of the old Dresden Dolls favorites sounded different and very rock'n'roll and the new songs went down really well.

An impressive stunt was during "Missed Me" where the whole band rotated and took turns at the 4 instruments and so Amanda got to play both bass and drums. Neil Gaiman sang "Psycho" accompanied by Amanda on ukulele and 2 dueling "homo-erotic" saws. It was hilarious.

Amanda did her funny Yamaha keytar "Last Christmas" joke much to Chad's disliking. A horn section joined for "Massachusetts Avenue" and during the encore consisting of the 2 Amanda Palmer solo-record songs "Astronaut" and "Leeds United", most of her crew were up dancing on stage much like they did at last year's London gig at "Heaven".

[Image no longer online] [Image no longer online]

I must say it has been some amazing 3 days in London and I look very much forward to seeing the finished artwork book and to listen to the album in September. The 3 days in London have been very much worth the $300 I paid as a kick-starter backer. Being the rock fan I am, I liked the rock gig best, but I wouldn't have missed any of the other gigs or support acts and much of the album artwork looked amazing up close. Now it is just to sit back and wait until September arrives.

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Rating: 6

Band: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

Venue: Village Underground, London, UK

Concert Date: 2012-06-20


Do It With a Rockstar, The Killing Type, Lost, Missed Me (Dresden Dolls), Trout Heart Replica, The Bed Song, Psycho (Leon Payne cover) (with Neil Gaiman and Adrian Stout), Half Jack (Dresden Dolls), Last Christmas (Wham cover), Total Control (The Motels cover), Want It Back, Girl Anachronism (Dresden Dolls), Massachusetts Avenue, Berlin, Olly Olly Oxen Free.


Astronaut, Leeds United.

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