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Alice Cooper : "Super Duper (welcome to his nightmare)", Bluray, [2014] [Movie Review]

Alice Cooper - Super Duper (welcome to his nightmare)

This is an attempt to tell the story of the man and the rock'n'roll legend Alice Cooper. It's a rather conventional documentary starting from the very beginning with Vincent's childhood, how he played in various bands that via several name changes ended up being the Alice Cooper band. They finally had a major breakthrough in Detroit and had their first radio-hit with "I'm Eighteen".

There are not many things here that most Cooper fans didn't know already, and even if it is always interesting to hear Alice and his family and friends tell funny stories from back then, this documentary is just not very satisfying.

It spends a bit too much time in the past. Then it moves on through the break-up of the band and the beginning of Alice's solo career, through his alcoholism in the seventies, and the beginning of the eighties where his use of cocaine went a bit too far. It then for some random reason decides to end in 1986, when Alice has returned to the stage and is clean for good.

I find it very unsatisfying that we don't hear one single word from 1986 and up until today. We are - after all - talking nearly 30 years of a successful career that has been totally left out and I guess he can't have been playing golf all of the time since 1986? There must be some other fun stories to tell also?

Anyway, it's not a total waste of time and there's some rare footage on there. It could have been a lot better though and I don't expect to be watching this bluray a lot of times. Alice Cooper and their/his music simply means a lot more to me than this documentary ever comes anywhere near of describing.

Movie runtime: 1h30

Total runtime: 2h10

Rating: 3

Band: Alice Cooper

Movie Title: Super Duper (welcome to his nightmare)

This Release: 2014

Movie Genre: Documentary

RunTime: 90

Movie Format: Bluray

Movie Label: Eagle Vision

Content Type: Movie Review

Language: EN

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Created: 2014-06-02 20:37

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