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Alice Cooper - "Paranormal", LP, [2017] [Record Review]

Alice Cooper : "Paranormal"

An image has begun to emerge, so let's give this a try. The new album is both very enjoyable and well produced indeed (Bob Ezrin, say no more.) Still, let's face it, it's impossible to outdo yourself, when you are Alice fucking Cooper with a past that goes back to the beginning of the 70ies and beyond, and you are legendary in every way.

I think it lacks some of the craziness and experimental madness found on the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" [2011] album, or even that lovely raw garage sound found on "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" [2003]. Instead this is easily digestible Coop rock in your face, and while it's very easy to like and absorb, it's also a bit forgettable when compared to Cooper's glorious past.

"I'm condemned to the long endless night
And I live in the absence of light"

The album has 2 outstanding tracks, the title track "Paranormal" and it's last song "The Sound of A". They both create a fantastic atmosphere and have that special feel to them, that only The Coop can create. Both are probably among the best tracks he has released in the "new beginning" after the "dark age [1986-1991]". Those evil years, most of us are still trying to forget. Die, Bon Jovi Die.

"The sound of A will keep you down
With that cruel peculiar sound
It will shoot into your brain
And remain...yeah yeah yeah
Meaningless noise is everybody's toys"

2 bonus songs recorded with the old A.C. band are included, and those 2 songs are nothing special to be honest. They fit in well enough with the rest of the bunch, and it's a nice stunt to bring back the old rockers, but they are no real threat to the new machine though. Cooper's current band has been running smooth as hell for years.

The Coop is back like a spider web kiss on your face (not that he ever went away) and he's in very good shape. Anyone who has listened to the "Hollywood Vampires" [2015] album already knew that. Now it's been confirmed again.

Rating: 4

Band: Alice Cooper

Record Title: Paranormal

This Release: 2017

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Ear Music

Extra Info:

The 2LP vinyl comes on 180g records spinning at 45 RPM and includes a CD with 6 classic tracks recorded live in 2016. The deluxe CD box-set comes with a very small t-shirt (no matter what the size says), 2CDs and a nice booklet. Both versions have the same songs, but the LP has a different track order for the last 3 studio songs.

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