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Alice Cooper @ KB Hallen, Copenhagen, 2022-06-06 [Concert Review]

Alice Cooper - Live @ KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, 2022-06-06

Let's be clear from the beginning, Alice Cooper's band is damn tight and super skilled. They deliver the goods every time and they are super entertaining and full of energy. A real show-band of the very best kind. Wouldn't it be great if they were being challenged a little bit more though?

An Alice Cooper show these days gives you the feeling of a Déjà vu. Haven't you seen it all before, like down to the smallest details? The answer is yes indeed. The show was almost 1:1 a repeat of the show he did on his last visit in Copenhagen at The Royal Arena in 2019. The props were the same, the castle was the same, same monsters and babies, Madame la Guillotine, Jason Voorhees, Nita Strauss guitar solo, Glen Sobel drum solo, encore with balloons. You got it all. Again.

Now, a number of things are expected and certain things must happen at an Alice Cooper show, otherwise it wouldn't be a satisfying Alice Cooper show. I just think they got around this one a bit too easily. The nightmare castle is a cool stage setup and I like it, but they could have changed a few of the other props. More importantly they could have replaced more songs in the setlist. The songs they played were also near the same setlist as 3 years ago. Let's not forget that Alice has had great success with his latest album "Detroit Stories" in the meantime.

Songs removed from the 2019 setlist: Raped and Freezin', Muscle of Love.

Songs added to the 2022 setlist: Hey Stoopid, Be My Lover, Go Man Go, Go to Hell.

This makes Go Man Go the single track from "Detroit Stories". That's a bit weak, if you ask me.

Here's a suggestion, skip all these near fillers:

Feed My Frankenstein, Bed of Nails, Hey Stoopid, Poison, Teenage Frankenstein.

Then add these instead:

Songs from the "Special Forces" and "Flush The Fashion" albums. More new and newer tracks (anything from 1994 and up really.)

It may sound like I wasn't being entertained and that's not true at all. Alice Cooper live is ALWAYS entertaining. Alice is in very fine shape for a 74 years old gentleman, his voice is not too bad and his band is excellent. I just miss a bit more unpredictability. Alice's hobby-band Hollywood Vampires is not the same thing, I know, but they are a lot more loose and playful on stage. Obviously they don't have the props and theatrics to handle, but still it should be possible to be a little less scripted in the Alice Cooper show and a little more surprising and unpredictable.

KB-Hallen was not completely full this evening and that was actually nice. It can be rather awful there, if it is a 100% sold out show. There were enough people there to make a good crowd though and people seemed to have a good time with old Black Eyes. The sound was fine for both main and support act and the bar logistics were also fine compared to the last time I was at this venue. All in all a fine Monday evening with great entertainment and music and there is also room for improvement for the next Alice Cooper tour. See you next time, Alice!


Michael Monroe. It's not my type of music but they were actually better than expected. For a support act they did quite well with lots of energy and catchy rock. Michael was also part of Alice Cooper's encore balloon show. A funny moment there when Nita had to pull him to the back to save him from getting whipped by Sheryl's long deadly whip. That's what happens when you add a new element to something that is heavily scripted. It fucks up in funny ways.

Rating: 4

Band: Alice Cooper

Venue: KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2022-06-06

Support Band: Michael Monroe


  • Nightmare Castle [Tape Intro],
  • Feed My Frankenstein,
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy,
  • Bed of Nails,
  • Hey Stoopid,
  • Fallen in Love,
  • Be My Lover,
  • Go Man Go,
  • Under My Wheels,
  • He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask),
  • Go to Hell,
  • I'm Eighteen,
  • Poison,
  • Billion Dollar Babies,
  • Guitar Solo [Nita Strauss],
  • Roses on White Lace,
  • My Stars,
  • Devil's Food,
  • Black Widow Jam [Drum Solo],
  • Steven,
  • Dead Babies,
  • I Love the Dead,
  • Escape,
  • Teenage Frankenstein.


  • School's Out [including snippets of Another Brick in The Wall (Pink Floyd)]

Ticket Price (DKK): 540

Ticket Provider: Billetlugen

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