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Alice Cooper - "Detroit Stories", LP, [2021] [Record Review]

Alice Cooper - "Detroit Stories" (2021)

The brand new album from The Coop himself is original Detroit garage rock n roll on purple, red or black vinyl. The records spin at 45rpm for better sound, like the super sound 12"s of the 1980s.

The album is very much an extension of Alice's "The Breadcrumbs" EP from 2019. It's been produced by Bob Ezrin and the production is bad-ass sharp and to the point. Bob knows his shit - or maybe it's because this dirty rock sound is just perfect for Alice.

I love all the rock songs and I love all the odd shit like "Our Love Will Change The World". Perfection. "Detroit Rock City 2021" points back to the two kick-ass albums that I love like the dead: "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" [2003] and "Dirty Diamonds" [2005]. Dirty garage rock. Exactly what Alice did and does best.

The soul song "$1000 High Heel Shoes" is great. Danish critic Treo hated it. I don't - it rocks. The one song to hate is "Hanging On by a Thread (Don’t Give Up)." It is one terrible song and a load of Covid fear shit and Alice should never have put it on this otherwise brilliant album. #Fact. "I Hate You" sounds a lot like a GWAR song! Ha-ha needless to say I love that one too. Oderus rules okay.

Have you watched the bluray / DVD show? It's great. It's equal to the live LP/CD album released a few years ago. Not so much show though, it looks like a very intimate venue. Great sound and camera work. Nita certainly gets her time in the spotlight.

Love my new black eyes batman flashlight thingy from the boxset. It will be fun n games for a long time. Is this the best Coop album in years or forever? Hell, nope. It's a solid rock album though and any Coop or rock fan will love it to death.

Now go back and kiss your "Special Forces" album. It is after all the one unique A.C. thing you'd want to make love to and be buried with.

Rating: 5

Band: Alice Cooper

Record Title: Detroit Stories

This Release: 2021

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Edel/Ear

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2021-03-06 00:03

Created: 2021-03-05 23:43

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