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Albums - Top 1000 - Year 2021 [Music Comment]

Albums - Top 1000 - Year 2021
The best Music Albums of 2021 according to KP? Here you go! I have skipped the categories this year. They are all great releases and nobody cares which box you want to drop them in or in which order.

Amyl & The Sniffers : "Comfort To Me"

Amy and her boys is the best punk act around these days. A sight to see and hear live on stage and this LP is one hell of a punk fest too. It is beyond ass-kickin' from beginning to end and the videos are certainly worth a watch too as they show the bands' incredible live energy. Kangaroos rule the punk world at this moment in time.

Alice Cooper : "Detroit Stories"

Alice Cooper rarely makes bad albums but quite often he makes a really great one and this is one of them. It's basically an extension of the already brilliant EP "The Breadcrumbs" [2019]. Re-recorded and added songs turn it into a brilliant rock'n'roll LP celebrating all that was great about the Detroit rock scene. All of his friends may be dead but The Coop keeps coopin' on. Long live the Coop.

Iron Maiden : "Senjutsu"

It took me a little bit of time to fully accept and digest this album, but the fact is, that it is a brilliant and very consistent album. It is easily their best album since "Brave New World" [2000], and that speaks for itself. It is not exactly the irresistible heavy-punk of early Paul Di'Anno Maiden albums but it is certainly a hell of a lot better than the prog-shit-fest that made up "The Book Of Souls" [2015]. Maiden is back to making great metal music and it's as simple as that.

Motörhead : "The Löst Tapes Vol. 1 (Live In Madrid 1995)"

Brilliant direct-2-tape recording of the "New Motör-trio", Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. I fucking loved this period in Motör-history and it's just an incredible display of speed, life, rock and roll and great musicianship that shines from this album. Motörhead were on fire and they were on a löuder than fuck mission to make your ears explode with joy. Man, this recording makes you dream yourself back to those days of pure Motör-madness. Kids today won't believe it.

Prince : "Welcome 2 America, Live at The Forum, LA, 2011-04-28"

This bluray live recording is from the "Welcome 2 America" boxset. It totally over-shines the album itself. No-one beats Prince live on stage and this is no exception. He controls the band and crowd with precision and the video and sound is most excellent. I've watched this bluray plenty of times already and it's always with a mix of joy and sadness. Joy of how incredible a musician and showman he was and sadness that we won't ever see a Prince gig again.

Horrorpops : "Live at the Wiltern (live 2020)"

A great live recording of Patricia, Kim and Henrik rockin' their way thru a great set of some of their best songs. The sound quality is excellent. Is it rockabilly or is it pop? Who cares! There's a hilarious interview on the bluray - not to be missed.

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