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Adam Ant - Stand & Deliver - The autobiography [Book Review]

Adam Ant - Stand & Deliver - The autobiography

For anyone who has remained a fan of Adam Ant's music from the punk period of the late seventies, though the star days of the eighties and up until the 1995 release "Wonderful" this is a fantastic book to get some insight into how Stuart Goddard became Adam Ant, how it all began, what influenced the music and what led to the changes in bandmembers and music. You'll learn how and when Adam and Marco Pirroni wrote the various songs. You'll hear about the "Persuasion" album that was never released and you'll get the details of Malcolm McLaren's interference with the Ants.

The book is written by Adam himself and is based on his detailed diary that he has been writing through all the years. It is always nice to hear the story from the artist's point of view since most of the music magazines basically write articles based on a pile of lies. You'll get the story from Adam's poor childhood up until today. There's an impressive amount of girls he slept with and an equally impressive amount of celebrities he met, worked with or had sex with.

As already known Adam has never been one to drink, smoke or do drugs so you obviously won't get the usual rock 'n roll fun in that department. You will however get drama as a large part of the book focus on Adam's descent into the hellpit of bi-polar disorder (manic-depressive disease) and very honestly explains how the disease has had a huge impact on his life and obviously also on his decisions both musically and as an actor.

Adam clearly has been through hell in recent years but by the end of the book he explains that he is feeling better now and that there is no reason to give up the hope for yet another Adam Ant album to appear one day in the future.

[2006, Sidgwick & Jackson]

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