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Accept - "Blind Rage / Live in Chile 2013", CD+Bluray, [2014] [Record Review]

Accept - Blind Rage (cd) / Live in Chile 2013 (blu-ray)

It begins with a blast from the thundering "Stampede" speeding it's way forward - making one believe that the album title "Blind Rage" is very fitting. Already on track 2 "Dying Breed" however, it slows down to more traditional heavy metal of the high quality kind, we've always known Accept to deliver.

Wolf Hoffmann is a wizard on his guitar and backed by the awesome musicians known as Accept his star only shines even brighter. If one ever thought that losing Udo Dirkschneider would kill Accept - then one would be very wrong. A live gig at Copenhagen's Copenhell in 2013 cleared up that misunderstanding for me and this latest album just hammers it home. Mark Tornillo is a very worthy replacement singer. He has the perfect voice to carry on the Accept tradition and future.

I think this album is slightly better than e.g. "Stalingrad (brothers in death)" [2012]. They are both very enjoyable albums without being able to fully rival the masterpieces of old. "Blind Rage" is not an album with instant hits like e.g. "Metal Heart" [1985] had. It is however a consistent old school heavy metal album that sticks to the formula from beginning to end.

"Blind Rage" has massive choruses - one example can be heard on "Fall of the Empire". The album also has perfect vocals, guitars and a badass rhythm department. The production and sound is a bit muddy to be honest. It is not bad as such - but it could have been better. "Trail of Tears" speeds the whole thing into a full sprint again. I've thought Iron Maiden and Judas Priest several times when I've been listening to this new Accept album, but the truth is that it would be more appropriate just to think Accept. Because that is what it sounds like: Accept.

Apart from the missing hit singles, there's one song that is just not up to par - the song being "Wanna Be Free" and it's lyrics. All credit for the thoughts and intentions behind the song, but it just sounds so bloody whack and pathetic when the lyrics go "No more... human trafficking, no more... hunger and lies, no more... crime and poverty" and then "We all wanna be free" it's simply just too much. It sounds like a fucking hippie camp, for Satan's sake. Well, when songs like "Bloodbath Mastermind" or last song "Final Journey" kicks in later, then most is forgotten and forgiven thru great guitars and fast beating drums.

One last piece of advice: buy the special edition that includes a video disc on either DVD or bluray. It contains a show from Chile in 2013 and it is a blast in your face of just how bloody awesome this entire band is live. The show runs for 2 hours and has a fucking great setlist with everything you could wish for. The sound is excellent which is why you should really go for the blu-ray. Also you get this extra video disc almost for free.

Rating: 5

Band: Accept

Record Title: Blind Rage / Live in Chile 2013

This Release: 2014

Record Format: CD+Bluray

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Content Type: Record Review

Language: EN

Updated: 2014-08-28 21:24

Created: 2014-08-28 20:47

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