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Accept @ Amager Bio, Copenhagen, 2014-09-19 [Concert Review]

Accept - Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2014-09-19

Since Accept smashed Copenhell's face in and painted huge smiles on everybody present on that lovely afternoon back in 2013 they have released a new album "Blind Rage". Yet another great release from the band to make it 3 quality albums in a row. A sold out Amager Bio proved that the rumor had spread since Copenhell 2013: Accept are back with a fucking vengeance. It is known.

I decided to experience this Accept gig from above in the clouds. I don't have any great love for the venue Amager Bio to begin with, but especially when it's sold out, it get's rather claustrophobic and way too hot and sweaty in there. Luckily there's a nice balcony to avoid that problem. The security dudes in red t-shirts are still very annoying and have made it their speciality to annoy as many people as possible. That said, they've been worse than tonite and they did some fine work stopping a fight before it exploded completely.

The Setlist was more or less given if you'd had a look at the US shows that came before this first stop on the European leg of the tour. "Stampede" and "Stalingrad" kicked everything off well enough, but "Hellfire" never really took off like it should have. "200 Years" began with a few mike/monitor sound problems for singer Mark Tornillo and it seemed as if the crowd was not really into this new song.

The "London Leatherboys" bass intro was the first indication that Peter Baltes is a badass (a bassass?) "Dying Breed" proved that maybe the crowd did like the new album after all - a much better reaction this time. "Final Journey" sadly dropped to the ground - probably because too few people had heard it before. A bit strange because it's a fine song on the new album.

"Shadow Soldiers" and "From The Ashes We Rise" were both beautiful songs to experience live. "No Shelter" featured a bass vs. guitar duel between Peter and Wolf Hoffmann and let's just agree that they both fucking rule beyond belief. "Princess Of The Dawn" is always a demonstration of why so many newer bands stink in comparison to the old metal veterans of Accept. Heavy metal doesn't get much better than this.

The "Fast As A Shark" intro which sounds like an old scratchy 78 RPM record kinda described the sound quality on the balcony for a lot of the time. That said, I went downstairs a few times and even if the high frequencies came through better down there, it still left a lot to be desired sound wise. Judging from my ears reaction after the gig it had been very loud, perhaps that was part of the problem. Lemmy will tell you that it can't get loud enough, but I'm not sure that applies to Accept, a band where the finer details are very important. It was kinda muddy and semi-distorted at times and I would love if a future Accept gig could take place at Copenhagen's Store Vega instead - a venue I love far better.

"Metal Heart" was as freakin' über-cool as ever and listening to Wolf spank his guitar producing this classical awesomeness is enough to ignite a hard-on on any metal fan. A song like that should come with many and more free bed-warmers out of Lys to ease the pressure. "Teutonic Terror" once again was a demonstration of bass driven awesomeness and "Balls To The Wall" is not exactly exciting but some people would feel cheated without it and of course that didn't happen.

It was a fine gig but it was nowhere as magical as it was at Copenhell on that awesome afternoon in 2013. The crowd was strangely reserved for a lot of the time, like half of them were just there to see what Accept was all about. As already noted, I was not impressed with the sound quality either. Basically a fine performance by the band, but if you take a look at the "Chile 2013" bluray that comes with the special edition of the new album "Blind Rage", you will see a much more dedicated crowd, a band that fire on all cylinders and the sound quality is ridiculously great. I guess I had set my expectations a bit too high - but to be honest, I'm not disappointed at all. 2 hours of Accept on a Friday night will always be sweet metal to the ears.

Rating: 4

Band: Accept

Venue: Amager Bio, Copenhagen, DK

Concert Date: 2014-09-19


Stampede, Stalingrad, Hellfire, 200 Years, Losers and Winners, London Leatherboys, Starlight, Dying Breed, Final Journey, Shadow Soldiers, From the Ashes We Rise, Restless and Wild, Ahead of the Pack, No Shelter, Princess of the Dawn, Dark Side of My Heart, Pandemic, Fast as a Shark.


Metal Heart, Teutonic Terror, Balls to the Wall.

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Ticket Provider: Billetnet

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