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Abbath @ Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Live, 2016-01-29

Abbath certainly had something to prove after last weekend's disaster of a gig in London. Bad sound and Amager Bio is however very uncommon, and it certainly did sound a hell of a lot better last night than it did in London. You could clearly hear the songs, the guitars and the bass. I'll never be a fan of the new drummer, but like I said before, it's simply impossible to follow Horgh, so I'll just have to learn to live with it. I was a much relieved metal-panda after yesterday's gig. Abbath certainly still got it. London was just a one-off disaster

We were being served a mix of 4 Immortal songs, one "I" song and the rest was from the new Abbath album. The songs all go well together and even if there's a "punk" touch to them, the Immortal covers sound mighty fine with this new band. The two (or three) guys left in Immortal will have a damn hard time without Abbath, that's for sure. Just like in London, most of my photos didn't turn out very well because of too little light, but I did shoot 2 videos (see below.)

The setlist was rather short this evening with only 11 songs, but since most people for unknown reasons came to see Behemoth, I guess that was to be expected. To me, Behemoth is total shite compared to Abbath and Immortal. I simply find them boring as fuck and I think the singer has a lousy voice. In fact I skipped most of the Behemoth gig, because Abbath and King were signing albums out in the lobby. Much more interesting, if you ask me. I got the new album autographed by Abbath and King and had a photo taken with both of them. Metal-pandas rule o.k.

To War, Winter Bane, Nebular Ravens Winter, Warriors, Ashes of the Damned, Fenrir Hunts, Tyrants, One By One, Count the Dead, Endless, All Shall Fall.

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