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Abbath - "Abbath", LP, [2016] [Record Review]

Abbath : "Abbath"

This new solo-album by Abbath is best compared to the "I" album "Between Two Worlds", which was released in 2006. That is also pretty much what I expected it to be sounding like. After the split from Immortal, Abbath has joined up with bassist King, who was also a member of the "I" band, so the connection is clear. It doesn't however sound that far from the sound of Immortal either, which is also to be expected. But perhaps mostly because the human drum machine Horgh is not on the drums here, it does sound different. It sounds more like a punk or Motörhead version of Immortal, mixed with the "I" type songs that have a catchier rock 'n' roll feel to them. It is all good and very enjoyable. Abbath knows how to write and play a good metal tune.

There are no huge surprises here, but it sounds very consistent and it holds up very well, even when replayed many times. It's a bit of a happy black metal album, and Abbath has always been one to put a smile on people's faces. How the rest of Immortal will survive without Abbath remains to be seen. I predict it will be difficult for them. The Demonaz solo album "March Of The Norse" [2011] was great, but he doesn't perform live with Immortal any longer.

My favorite tracks are "Winterbane" and "Root of the Mountain". Both rather catchy "I" type tracks. Also "Ashes of the Damned" is a damn fine ass-kicking song to blast from your speakers. As a matter of fact, I like each and every song from the thundering beginning of "To War!" to the last sound of a fading "Endless".

The lyrics were written by Simon Dancaster and stays true to the ice cold Norse theme that is so well-known from Immortal. Norse mythology with Fenrir (the wolf), war, mountains, ravens and winter. There's no doubt that Abbath and Immortal would make a great soundtrack to the TV-series "Game of Thrones". Winter is coming!

The album has been streaming for free for a while now, but it is available on vinyl and CD for those of us few left, who likes to support the artists and actually pay for the music. There should be 2 extra tracks on the CD. "Riding On The Wind" [Judas Priest cover] was also released on the 7" vinyl-single "Count The Dead", and then there's "Nebular Ravens Winter" [Immortal cover]. I am however still waiting for the CD to arrive. The record company Season Of Mist doesn't win any prizes for speed, that's for sure. I bought the LP version of the album at the Copenhagen gig to get it signed by Abbath and King, but soundwise I predict the CD will sound better. The vinyl sounds like a CD-master transfer to me.

Rating: 5

Band: Abbath

Record Title: Abbath

This Release: 2016

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Season of Mist

Content Type: Record Review

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Updated: 2016-01-31 19:01

Created: 2016-01-31 18:37

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