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A new round of: Shitty movies! Netflix edition. [Movie Review]

A new round of: Shitty movies! Netflix edition.

Netflix has forced me to explore some weird movies. Some of them were really good. Some of them were not. Read about some of the worst shit below.

Doomsday (2008)

This movie should be banned. It is a serious threat to your blood pressure. I swear, my head almost exploded from all the ridiculous shit going on and all it's lousiness. It's like a mix of completely unbelievable events, no logic whatsoever, massive flaws, stupidities and really - I mean really - bad acting. It's like a very low budget music video version of Mad Max(1979) cloned with the worst throw-away zombie b-movie ever and then all topped with a selection of nonsense lines read out by actors with no talent. Did I mention there's also knights on horses!? Yes, it's true. I'll stop talking now. My head is about to explode again. Bullshit overload.

Slither (2006)

This is supposed to be some kinda horror movie, I think. With some kinda humor attached to it, I think. Well, the horror bits are just too stupid to work, the movie is kinda dull and boring and the humour is too lame to be funny at all. I think it maybe wants to be some kinda Critters(1986) or Killer Klowns from Outer Space(1988) type of movie, but it just fails completely. There's a doctor who is rather unbelievable as the "hero", a sheriff so clumsy and stupid it makes no sense and a mayor who sets new records in overdone shitty acting. The special fx are actually not bad, but what does that help if you couldn't give a shit because everything else in this movie sucks major ass?

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