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Prince - A setlist I would love to hear

Prince has kicked off the 21 London gigs at the O2 Arena with a blast. First show went down really well and has received great reviews. Here's a few links:,,,,,,

Here's some really cool photos: (The photo on the right is a Flickr photo uploaded by Patrick Griffiths.)

Now only 3 days to go until I'll be joining the fun for 3 shows and 3 aftershows. I've thought up a setlist for Prince to play when I get there. :)

The setlist I wanna hear:

Guitar, Mad, Computer Blue, Musicology, If I Was Your Girlfriend, 17 Days, The One U Wanna C, SuperFunkyCaliFragiSexi, Raspberry Beret, The Beautiful Ones, I Hate U, Chelsea Rodgers, Anna Stesia, America, Joy In Repetition, Lady Cab Driver, A Love Bizarre, Space, Pop Life, Delirious, Strange Relationship, Life Can Be So Nice, Sister, LoveSexy, Crucial, I Wonder U, The Holy River, When You Were Mine, Purple Rain


3121, Come, Desire, Sometimes It Snows in April

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