KP says

Prince - Planet Earth - Streaming @ 192 kbps

UPDATE: Seems that has taken the album offline again... MSN is also streaming the album but at a lower bitrate than was using.

I guess the days where you waited for and looked forward to a new release from one of your favourite artists are over. Earlier this year Nine Inch Nails made the album "Year Zero" available on their website days before the official release.

Now Prince has bundled his new CD "Planet Earth" with a british news paper and Tuesday July the 17th danish newspaper B.T. has provided streaming of the new album in great 192 kbps quality. On top of that Prince will be giving away one CD per ticket sold to his upcoming 21 London gigs. I bet he won't sell too many regular copies of the album after these stunts. But I guess he doesn't plan to.

I've only listened to the album once so I don't have a final opinion yet. But I can already reveal that we are not talking about a new masterpiece on par with Prince's best albums from the eighties. But then again, nobody really expected that, did they? I'll be back with a more detailed review later this week.

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