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Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 1 [Tech Comment]

Nokia N95 - Tips and useful links for your phone - Part 1
UPDATED 2008-01-17: new link to the N95 disassembly/service manual.

Infinite Dreams Games - K-RALLY:

The K-Rally car game is the coolest and funniest game I've ever played on a mobile. The other games at the site are cool too.


Backup of profiles (ALWAYS remember to install the game on your micro-sd card or you won't be able to backup the profiles):

Connect in USB mode and locate the "Private" folder. Locate the "A0000BF6" folder. Back it up on your PC. To restore install the game again and copy the folder back to the card. Backup of other idreams games works the same way with other folder names.

Firm-Ware updates:

Here you can check if new firm-ware is out and what it may contain. It is always a good idea to keep your firmware updated since there is a lot of bugs in new phones. Remember to make a backup first using Nokia PC Suite.


Nokia pc suite

Nokia software update

Nokia N95 disassembly/service manual:

I used it to figure out how to replace my display after I smashed it to pieces. It was very simple to do with this manual.

NOTE: The page says "Nokia 6680 Service Manual" but no need to worry. It is in fact a N95 manual.

N95 disassembly manual

7-zip can extract the pdf file from the "rar" archive.

Video transfer to your N95 - Free:

Free software that will do the trick. But it will not handle copyright protected movies.

Register for a free key

Download free video software

Video transfer to your N95 - Costs money, but works better:

DVD-Fab can convert all your movies to the MP4 format for your N95. Not free but it can convert your copyrighted DVDs to enjoy on the road.

DVD-Fab Platinum

News from

Here you'll find links to all sorts of tips, tricks and news about N95: news


It can track your route when cycling or running and you can export the route and paste it into Google-Earth and see it on the map. Amazing!

Sports Tracker

Google Earth

Nokia Map Loader:

You need this program to load gps maps onto your micro-sd card from your PC.

Map Loader

Best-Safe - Secure storage for PIN codes etc:

This program does the job well. Easy to use and exports/imports your saved codes.


Y-Browser - Freeware:

You'll get full file-system access.


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