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One possible musical path to follow @ Roskilde Festival 2007

Well it is no secret that I am not too impressed by the Roskilde lineup this year. They seem to have forgotten that they are a rock festival. But anyway, here's my guide to a possible musical path to follow:

Sunday July 1st:

When your tent has been nailed to the ground it could be nice to enjoy a bit of danish Ungdomshus punk from Gorilla Angreb[Pavillion jr, 15:00] or a bit of danish metal from The Downward Candidate[Pavillion jr, 19:30].

Thursday July 5th:

Oldschool danish punkers City-X[Odeon, 17:30] will open the festival and they recently played a great gig at Graa Hal in Copenhagen. Danish metal act Volbeat[Orange, 18:00] is another option, I prefer City-X. Then it is time to go back to your tent and get really drunk since there is nothing else to do until Mastodon[Arena, 22:30]. Obviously Björk[Orange, 22:00] is another option, but it may be a risky one since you never know what you'll get, could be anywhere from brilliant to utter shite. After all she hasn't released a great album in years.

Friday July 6th:

Mando Diao[Odeon, 14:00] is first rock act to kick away the hangovers and then I'll probably join The Sounds[Arena, 16:00] and their eighties party. One hour later it may be time for some more heavy In Flames[Orange, 17:00] if I don't decide to go for the unknown (to me) electro punk Trost[Astoria, 17:00]. A friend of mine has recommended some acid rock from Roky Erickson & The Explosives[Odeon, 18:00] and then it is time to see if Beastie Boys[Orange, 19:30] is still worth a visit.

Queens of the Stone Age[Orange, 22:30] may be worth a listen (although I find their new album overhyped and lame.) Danish metal act HateSphere[Arena, 01:30] will end friday night with a blast and it will be time to ask yourself if you have enough energy left to locate your tent.

Saturday July 7th:

A hardcore start awaits from the awesome Machine Head[Arena, 15:00] and after that you can have a laugh when listening to Hayseed Dixie[Odeon, 16:30] and their bluegrass versions of heavy songs. I am rather unsure about why The Who[Orange, 21:30] were even invited since they are old enough to be forgotten about, but we'll see if I'm mistaken. Norwegian electro act 120 Days[Odeon, 23:00] is probably not that great and Red Hot Chili Peppers[Orange, 01:00] are overhyped and usually suck at Roskilde.

Sunday July 8th:

If I'm not dead yet and I am able to kickstart my body again I will head straight for metal act Zyklon[Odeon, 16:00] whom I expect to kick some insanely hardcore ass. When/if I have survived that I'll crawl over to Arctic Monkeys[Orange, 17:00] and see if they are up to the task of turning Orange Stage into a party. Datarock[Arena, 20:45] will end my path with their happy funky electro-pop-punk. Man, I must be tired by now. I hope I'll have enough energy to make it all the way back home to Copenhagen.

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