KP says

Denmark - Sweden

UPDATE: So now the UEFA has given a rideculous and incredibly unjustful punishment to the danish national team: DANMARK.

Please remember: The dickhead of a fan did NOT really hit the wanker of a german referee also known as a wanking wuss (his name shall not be spit upon, just yet.)

What did I, KP say? Act first! BAN THE UEFA. Pull the danish team OUT of the tournament BEFORE uefa's pathetic ruling.

But no, no. Now it leaves Denmark as victims who doesn't know how to fight back. (Reminds me a bit of WW2). Ridiculous. In all future situations KPs advice is to listen to and follow KPs advice. EOM.

Denmark - Sweden was a great match. It had everything. Sweden leading 3-0 and then a fantastic danish comeback to 3-3. Then a pathetic fuckhead "fan" entered the pitch and almost hit the referee but was blocked by a danish defender. The reason why this fuckhead went nuts was an unbelievable stupidity from Denmark's Christian Poulsen. Other reasons are probably that the fuckhead has a mental problem and that the officials at Parken were busy staring at girls instead of doing their job.

Anyway, I've seen flares being thrown at goal keepers. I've heard about a scooter being thrown from the upper section of the San Siro. I've heard about bottles, coins and even a toilet being thrown into the pitch during football matches. Nothing of this should be part of football and the morons doing it should be severely punished. The main thing to remember is that these games were NOT stopped. The referee yesterday was a complete wanker. He was NOT hit. I fully admit that it is outrageous what ALMOST happened. But still, it was a fuckhead who did it and fuckheads are hard to avoid unless you place landmines around the field or only use officials that are not asleep during the game. In retrospective it would probably have been better if he actually HAD hit the referee. Then at least something HAD happened as opposed to now where something COULD have happened.

My advice to the danish football team is to pull out of the tournament. Burn all official UEFA symbols and refuse to participate in any national football competitions until UEFA admits that the decision to stop the game was ridiculous and that they need to stop hiring wankers as referees. It is however predictable that DBU won't dare to do that. But that just makes them wankers as well.

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