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How Danes (mis)behave - in traffic

There are many a reason to question the behaviour of the very self-loving Danes who always like to see themselves as perfection itself. Today I'll take a look at Danes in traffic or more simply put: Danes moving from A to B.

Walking Danes:

A thing you need to know about Danes is that they'll never give room for anyone. That goes for the pedestrians as well. If they have found a good place to stand still (most likely in the entry of a big store or at least in the middle of a heavy trafficed street) you can count on the fact that they'll never move a single centimeter to let people pass by them. They'll never predict what happens a few meters in front of them so they'll always behave in the most unpredictable way. They'll always make sure that the traffic won't ever flow anywhere near them.

Danes on a Bike:

Many Danes like to ride their bike. Unfortunately they are not all skilled to do so. Especially women seem to think that they are able to use their mobile phone while at the same time being in total control of their bike. Well they are not... Also many bikers have no intention of placing themselves in a natural order at a traffic light: the slowest at the back, the fastests at the front. No way, that's not how it works in Denmark. The person with the slowest acceleration being known to man will probably park her bike sideways in front of the fastest bikers blocking all and everything. And be sure that she won't learn a damn thing. She'll do the exact same thing at the next traffic light while busy answering her phone.

Danes in a Car:

Like most people in the Danish traffic, people in their cars are mostly selfcentered egoistic people. And that would be a very positive description... Do not expect any car to stop and let you cross the street. Do not expect any car to give room for some other car to get from a smaller street to a larger street. Always expect that the dude in the car sees himself as a god that will always see you as the idiot. Always expect him to do anything possible to act like the god "he truly is" and give a fuck about anybody else who happens to cross his way.

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