KP says

MTV Strutter

Just caught 20 minutes of a MTV show called "Strutter" this friday evening.

It certainly has some very non-MTV-like language in an assfucking cocksucking motherfucking kinda uncensored way and even with a bit of nudity as well.

It has a host (Mike Strutter aka Paul Kaye) that (pretends?) to be sniffing a good few lines of coke during the show. The show seems to be based on videos of morons, idiots hurting themselves and then some really bad music videos.

Or lets just copy Mike Strutter's own words: "...if clip shows were buildings 'Strutter' would be a public toilet – seriously filthy and always out of order".

Anyway, I kinda liked it so I'll probably tune in next week. A very non-typical MTV show. It seems to be running fridays and sundays...

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