KP says

Nashville Pussy - Up The Dosage

I can't say I know this band particularly well. I caught them live in Copenhagen in 2012 and they played a fine gig. I was most impressed by their new bass player Bonnie Buitrago - that girl kicks some serious ass! The band should be back in Europe later this year (perhaps including Copenhagen?), and so I decided to check out their new album having read some positive reviews.

This album is pure and dirty punked-up garage rock at full speed with the brakes completely off. It may be simple and there ain't plenty of variation, but their formula certainly rocks well and they know how to get the most out of it. Song titles like "Rub it to Death", "Before the Drugs wear off", "Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee", "Pussy's Not A Dirty Word" more or less says it all. This is not deep philosophical shit, this is all about having fun. So grab a beer, switch off you brain and rock along.

The limited edition has 2 bonus tracks on it and the vinyl 2LP album comes with a free cd of the album.

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