KP says

Nine Inch Nails - the new album "Year Zero" as streaming audio

If you just can't wait until the new NIN album "Year Zero" is released then here is a way to get a pre-listen: On the official NIN site there is a subsite where you can listen to the entire album in great quality.

The audio is streamed and I advice you to use Internet Explorer as I experienced quite a few problems with Firefox being unable to cache the stream.

I have only had one quick listen so I won't review it yet, but it sounds ok. Not sure if it is one of Trent's finest but there sure is a couple of great tracks on it. A way to describe what it sounds like would be to call it "With Teeth - part 2". I'll give it a dozen more spins as a warm up for the concert tomorrow at Copenhagen's Vega. I just can't wait!

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