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Religious Vomit

Religion, what is it, and do we need it?

Time for a big topic being honestly investigated. Now, Religion and what it is?

Ehm, it is a way to project all your problems onto somebody else, to stop taking responsibility for yourself and a way to distract you mind if you are poor and/or miserable. A way to control the masses. A way to turn people into sheep. All in all the fact that you are religious equals a weak personality so if you ever want to feel stronger you have to tell god to fuck off. Well, I admit, since he doesn't really exist then that would be a bit problematic, but at least tell him to fuck out of your sick infested mind then. So first question answered: It is bullshit.

Now, part 2, do we need it?

No. I don't need it. You don't need it. The world would be a better place without. It would be much harder to find justifications for war without religion. Several tv channels would have to end - to the joy of everybody except for the second born jerk jerking off on screen. And this goes for ANY religion. If it involves a ridiculous set of rules and a bunch of lame old stories then you should ask yourself if you could come up with something better. I think you could. Second question answered: No.

And now, to sum it up: bullshit and not at all.

Suggested songs to listen to while regaining control of your mind:

Religious Vomit

God was never on your side


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