KP says

Nashville Pussy and Bob Wayne, KB18, Copenhagen, Live, 2012-10-12

Bob Wayne played an awesome gig with support band Nashville Pussy (or was it the other way around?) ... never mind. Both bands actually kicked some serious ass!!

I first heard Bob Wayne when they supported our lord and savior, Sir Hank III @ Vega in 2009. I remember that most people chose to arrive late back then and therefore many people missed hearing this excellent band. I also remembered them as really cool. My memory may be scattered after rock gigs but this time it served me well. Again. Bob Wayne is a fucking awesome live band. Total trucker country hellbilly kick ass shit. They rocked KB18 and Bob Wayne was still on his feet after some smoke and a six pack of Tuborg. Keep on trucking and fist fucking!

Nashville Pussy is guarantee for a great performance. So I'd been told and so I shall say if asked after tonight. They rock hard and they rock well. Especially the two girls impressed me and best of them was bass player Bonnie Buitrago. She is pure rock 'n fucking roll. Their most entertaining creature however was their stage manager/roadie/SS-officer. He went fucking nuts every time anybody as much as touched the stage. He was scary and hilariously funny at the same time. Some people can't handle even a small amount of power. Lol.

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