KP says

Jagtvej 69: Politician morons - thank you very much...

I just came back from some center of the storm...

The police is all over Nørrebro but there is a lot of small groups of activists setting the place on fire.

My personal opinion is this: The politicians gave the right of using to the youth back in the day. Then they sold it to a (fucked up?) sect of religious (so-called?) human-beings.

Now the politicians claim to have been ooh so helpful in the entire process of finding a solution. This is very hard to believe seen from the outside.

The entire situation is ridiculous. If the politicians does not wake up, this will go on for a very long time. The politicians DID ask for it and they've got it. They've got exactly what could be expected.

They keep saying that this is not acceptable and that they will not negotiate with people who initiate riots. But since they have not been listening to the youth for several years, how do they expect the youth to behave otherwise?

If nothing else, I am now officially an anarchist. All politicians make me sick. All politicians make me want to throw up.

Thank you very much Ritt Bjerregaard for turning Nørrebro into a warzone... Vote any politician for warzone.

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