KP says

Jason And The Scorchers, Sankt Gertruds, Malmö, Sweden, 2012-09-13

I bought the ticket for the Jason & The Scorchers' London gig at "The Garage" several months ago after having learned that they (again) wouldn't hit Denmark. However, as a late tour addition: Malmö - Sweden was added and I decided to go since it was Thursday nite and I was feeling alright. It's only about 35 minutes train ride from Copenhagen - Denmark where I live. I didn't regret. At the entry I met none other than Warner E. Hodges and I had a photo taken with him and bought his brilliant new album with The Bluefields: "Pure".

It turned out to be a Swedish yard party with lots of friends of the band (the drummer Pontus Snibb is from Malmö) and we had a great evening. Weird to see Jason and The Scorchers in such a small place, but man it rocked!

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