KP says

Hola Ghost (@ Bobber Rock) - Nørrebro-Hallen, Copenhagen, 2012-06-02

The brilliant Danish band Hola Ghost has now been upgraded to an all human trio adding drummer Kristian Sandorff (aka Ghost Brother) to the line-up, which already featured Peter Sandorff (voice + guitar) and Jeppe on bass.

Former robot drummer Ghost-707 has not been entirely retired yet and it will feature on a few of the upcoming gigs, but at this particular event at Copenhagen's Nørrebro-Hallen, we were witnessing the first public gig by the all human trio.

It was a true blast and a half and even if there were a few problems with Peter's Microphone and even if my videos are a bit bumpy then the videos should prove my point very well: they fucking rock!

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