KP says

GWAR playing live in Europe this spring!

I've just heard that GWAR will play at The Rock in Copenhagen on April 11th.

Tickes can be bought here. The official GWAR website is here.

I saw them way back in the mid nineties and it was nothing short of hillarious. The funniest band I've ever seen live.

Now bring on the penguins and let the massacre begin!

Thinking back at my 1st and only GWAR concert so far. It was the 1st of september 1997 and the venue was "Lille Vega" in Copenhagen:

During the concert GWAR managed to chop off the Pope's head, massacre several penguins and managed to spill blood, chemical waste and urine on most of the people in the front rows, me included. They had some kinda slave eating pussy machine on stage and for the entire concert the show was so entertaining that I seriously couldn't remember much of the actually great music they played.

As an encore they came out and played without masks and the singer said he had no idea where he was or what he was doing since he had been sniffing way way too much speed for way too many days. That perhaps explained why he kept referring to Germany despite being in Denmark and the fact that he was only wearing transparent nylons and nothing else.

A fact remains that I have never before and never since experienced a concert that was so funny and entertaining. It took several days to wipe off my smile.

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