KP says

True Grit (2010)

The Coen brothers latest movie is a good old style western about a young 14-year-old girl's hunt for the man who murdered her father. She is assisted by a U.S. marshal[Jeff Bridges] and a Texas Ranger[Matt Damon]. Hailee Steinfeld is very convincing as the young girl Mattie Ross, even if the story maybe isn't totally believable or realistic.

I don't think it is in the league of e.g. Eastwood's Unforgiven[1992], but it is entertaining, tough, funny at times and best of all there is certainly no political correctness on the menu in this movie. Life back then was tough and I think the movie shows this pretty well.

Some may find it a bit slow at times, but I kinda liked the pace and the action is never overdone or unrealistic. If you like a good western you'll probably be in good company with this movie.

The movie is a remake of a movie with the same title from 1969.

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