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Prince @ Multiarena Herning, Herning, 2010-10-22 [Concert Review]

Prince - MCH, Herning - Denmark - Live - 2010-10-22

We had a pleasant travel to Herning with train from Copenhagen. The MCH complex is located a few kilometers outside Herning but it was very quick and painless to get to and from by bus. Actually the entire logistics were just excellent for this gig. A large waiting area had been set up where we could escape the rain while waiting for the venue to open. We hardly faced a queue anywhere, so I can only congratulate the people of Herning having such a great venue compared to the awful Forum we have to live with in Copenhagen.

We found a good spot in the inner-circle and after an intro by Ida Nielsen (who is almost a local), we got the first surprise: Prince launched the gig with the old bootleg classic Empty Room in a very cool version. We got no bass duel this time around, but Sheila got her 2 songs and the choir medley featured one more Prince song Free. Cool was once again a great sing-a-long, but I could have lived without the "crowd people dancing on stage" sequence. It was however so short that it was no big issue compared to the London O2 gigs.

Just like at the Forum gig, Prince was in an awesome mood this evening and one hell of a party freak. He even ripped his shirt open something we haven't seen him do for a while. I'm sure quite a few of the girls almost fainted there. Another thing we haven't seen for a while is the total absence of horns. It is actually a relief. They have been taking up way too much space in recent years and it feels good to have the band stripped down to pure funk and energy.

One of the most important thing for me however, was that the sound at MCH was excellent from my point of view. I've heard some people disagree with that. However, giving the fact that this is a 15.000 capacity venue it has an excellent sound and is so insanely better sounding than Forum. I would swap the 2 places anytime. We desperately need a place like that in Copenhagen.

The sound quality is going to award this gig the 6/6 rating because Prince is simply top-class at the moment. He kinda always is, I know, but it's been a while since we've seen him party this wild. 3 Prince gigs in 3 days. Not the worst way to spend your time, I tell ya. Better act, if you get the chance!


  • Prince - whatever
  • Sheila E. - percussion
  • John Blackwell - drums
  • Renato Neto - keyboards
  • Morris Hayes - keyboards
  • Cassandra O'Neal - keyboards
  • Ida Nielsen - bass
  • Shelby J. - vox
  • Liv Warfield - vox
  • Elisa Deane Fiorillo - vox

Rating: 6

Band: Prince

Venue: Multiarena Herning, Herning, DK

Concert Date: 2010-10-22


Spoken intro (Ida Nielsen), Empty Room, Stratus, Let's Go Crazy, Delirious, Let's Go Crazy (reprise), Shhh, Controversy, Sexy Dancer vs. Le Freak, Housequake - Controversy (reprise), Free / Pearls B4 The Swine / Love... Thy Will Be Done (medley), Uptown, Raspberry Beret, Cream, Cool, Let's Work, U Got The Look, The Glamorous Life (incl. Soul Sacrifice), Purple Rain, A Love Bizarre, Kiss, Dance (Disco Heat), Baby I'm A Star, Peach.

Ticket Price (DKK): 710

Ticket Provider: Billetnet

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Created: 2010-10-19 21:52

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