KP says

Coca-Cola Zero - The real taste?

Just had my very first taste of the Coca-Cola Zero. And before I let you know what I think about it let me make it perfectly clear that I am a die-hard Coke fanatic and that I absolutely hate the taste of Coca-Cola Light, Diet, Pepsi and any other wanna-be cola.

Now, back to the Zero. The taste is actually not too far from the real thing. The CO2 amount however seems to be much too low (in my bottle anyway) and also there is some aftertaste of the sweetening agents. While it may be good enough to use as a mixer with Jack Daniel's it sure ain't the real thing. It tastes way better than Coca-Cola light though. No doubt about that.

I will (no surprise) stick to my good old Coke. And I can tell the difference any day. Zero won't fool a true Coke fanatic in any blind test.

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