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30 albums I would take with me to a galaxy far far way [Music Comment]

30 albums I would take with me to a galaxy far far way
This is an update to my previous 25 albums list. I've now updated and expanded it to 30 albums. Task: Go through your records collection and find the 30 albums that means the most to you. Pick a maximum of one album per artist/band and no greatest hits compilations allowed. Here they are in no particular order:

David Bowie: The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars [1972]

Probably the best rock album ever. Ziggy really sang...

Nick Cave and the bad Seeds: Murder Ballads [1996]

Killer lyrics that is surrounded with a hilareous sense of black humor. And fantastic musically too.

Alice Cooper : Special Forces [1981]

Perhaps a strange choice from Alice's catalogue but it's the first I heard and the one I've always loved the most.

Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals [1998]

Best rock album of the 90ties. God is in the TV.

Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden [1980]

The punky feeling combined with a new fresh heavy energy. Listen to "The Phantom of the Opera" and say "These guys ain't going to make it"? Yeah, right...

Motörhead: Overnight Sensation [1996]

First album from the now legendary trio: Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey. Awesome songs and awesome musicianship. We’re Motörhead! We play Rock’n’Roll! Lemmy is God.

King Diamond: Abigail [1987]

King's first genuine concept album and still one of the best concept albums ever. 18 is actually 9.

Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist [1985]

The album that led to DK's end. Unusually melodic and experimental stuff from the punkrockers.

Nina Hagen Band: Unbehagen [1979]

Hagen's earliest records were masterpieces both musically and vocally. This album is awesome.

Nekromantix: Life is a GRAVE & I dig it! [2007]

Psychobilly at it's finest. This album has been in my MP3 players for so long that it has become a part of me.

Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier [1980]

The album that propelled Adam to the top. All bands should have 2 drummers.

The Cure: Disintegration [1989]

Outstanding lyrics that captures many a thought of mine. One of my all-time favourites.

Prince: Dirty Mind [1980]

Prince became Prince - The first (but not last) of his (many) best albums. 10 years followed where Prince couldn't do any wrong and changed music history forever.

Hubert Kah mit Kapelle: Ich Komme [1982]

Neue Deutsche Welle ruled. And this album has always been my favourite from that era.

Westworld: Where the Action is [1987]

Beat box rock'n'roll for the Rockulator inside you. Their cartoonish image was awesome!

Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Flaunt It [1986]

The Gods of Electronic Rock'n'Roll. It still sounds fantastic. The music press hated it. Well, fuck the music press.

Nine Inch Nails: Broken [1992]

Trent Reznor’s first masterpiece. Pure energy compressed into an EP that hits you like an atomic bomb.

Ani DiFranco: To the Teeth [1999]

Ani has made more albums than most artists. Not all of them are good. But this one is. Possibly her best.

Eazy-E: It's On [1993]

N.W.A.'s finest rapper blew all competition away.

Insane Clown Posse: The Great Milenko [1997]

Can white men rap? Well these serial killers can and they are bloody hilareous too.

The Dresden Dolls: No, Virginia [2008]

Amanda Palmer (vocals, keys) and Brian Viglione (drums) are a sight to see live. The music and lyrics are just as excellent. Amanda Palmer is one of the most interesting artists today.

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell [1983]

Billy Idol is still very much alive and is still releasing awesome music today. But nothing beats this classic 80’s album. Rock’n’roll like we love to love it!

D-A-D: Monster Philosophy [2008]

I love this album from Disneyland After Dark. It is so much better than whatever shit music critics ever wrote about it in reviews. Awesome songs and one of the best Danish rock bands ever.

GWAR: Scumdogs Of The Universe [1990]

Some may try to convince you that GWAR is only a theatric gimmick of blood, sex and violence that offers nothing musically. Fuck them all! They are hilarious and the music kicks ass. This album is clearly their best.

Immortal: All Shall Fall [2009]

These guys are the black metal kings from Norway. No one does it better than them and no Immortal album is better than this one. Dark, cold, frostbitten and quite melodic at times.

Hank Williams III: Lovesick, Broke And Driftin' [2002]

Punk country at it’s best. I love Hank III’s lyrics about white trash losers who proudly don't give a fuck, I love his music and I love how he is being true. People say he ain’t as great as his famous granddad. Well, maybe so, but it still doesn’t get much better or more authentic than this!

Jason And The Scorchers: Thunder And Fire [1989]

Every album from this band up until and including this one could be labeled excellent stuff. Somehow this album is the one that always ends up in my player. Must be the one I like best then. Country rock’n’roll with a massive twist of cow punk. Jason And The Scorchers invented the shit. They are legendary!

Kim Wilde: Kim Wilde [1980]

Kim’s debut album has always had a huge spot in my heart. I loved to look at her and I loved the music. I still love the music today and I find her very charming at gigs still. She’s a good girl!

KISS: Lick It Up [1983]

The best KISS album ever. Their glam rock is great too, but this was the only time they went full in on hard rock and I simply LOVE the result. One of the vinyl records I’ve played the most in recent years.

Transvision Vamp: Pop Art [1988]

Even though the band was heavily based on the sexy Wendy James the band made some great music back then. Wendy is still cool and makes very interesting music today, but the TV era is something special to remember.

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