KP says

Ungdomshuset bli'r - I kan rydde Rådhuset!

I have to say a few words regarding the current situation of Ungdomshuset (aka Ungeren), Jagtvej 69, Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

The politicians of Copenhagen gave the youth the right of using the house more than 24 years ago allowing them a place to stay, meet, live out their alternative ideas and arrange concerts with many a great band that no other venues would hire. Then the politicians of Copenhagen suddenly had a short circuit in their brains and decided to sell the house and it ended up being owned by a religious group of strange people that seem to be best described as a religious sect. They may now be the owners by law but they sure as hell deserve to end in hell for their repellent behaviour. They had a very good offer to sell for a very good price but declined out of stubborness.

Now the politicians claim to be absolutely innocent of causing the current deadlock and they say that it is not their problem at all. Meanwhile the police are expected to risk their good health fighting the young punks of the house and their friends who are determined to defend the house in any possible way no matter what it takes. How can the politicians be so irresponsible and just allow a serious problem created by their own insane decisions to turn an entire part of Copenhagen into a warzone? Do they really expect the problem to solve itself? Serious injuries and maybe even dead people could be the results of a future battle if the violence explodes out of control.

I am embarrassed and I fully understand the anger of the young people. The users of the house are frustrated and it may be hard for them to see any other way than to fight when the politicians are not being helpful in any way. Violence is usually a bad thing, and I feel sorry for the policemen who have to fight this ridiculous war and sorry for the shopowners and inhabitants of Nørrebro who have to live with all this violence and destruction around them.

But the politicians are the main villains in this Gordian knot. Until they take responsibility as they are elected and paid to do then this war will not end anytime soon.

And by the way, under normal circumstances I would disagree with most political views that the common users of Ungdomshuset have, but in this particular case it seems that I happen to disagree with most political views that the embarrassing lot of Copenhagen's so-called politicians seem to have.

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