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KP's music guide to Roskilde Festival 2009

Below is my personal music guide to Roskilde Festival 2009. It is indeed a strange band schedule this year since almost all of the important bands are scheduled for Friday. So musically it is almost a one day festival, for me at least. But I guess that leaves time to do some heavy drinking and partying instead.


Absolutely nothing of any interest. I don't really like Volbeat, but since there is absolutely no other bands this day I would be caught listening to, then it would be the only choice:

Volbeat(Orange, 19:45)


This day is a massive musical attack that will require a lot of energy to get through alive, but hopefully it will be so much worth it. It is always a good idea to begin the day with some heavy metal:

Satyricon(Arena, 13:00)

Isis(Odeon, 16:00)

I've never been into F.N.M., but hey well, maybe they'll throw a good show. Worth a listen I guess:

Faith No More(Orange, 17:00)

The party begins for real: Nick Cave and his fantastic Bad Seeds band are excellent. I've seen them many times and I've never been disappointed. They've played Roskilde a zillion times and I personally think they should be booked every year together with The Cure and Motörhead:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds(Orange, 19:30)

Second blast of this year's festival. Trent Reznor and his NIN are fucking awesome. This may be the last chance ever to see them in Denmark, since he threatens to retire from touring. Luckily for me I will also go see them in Paris a few days after Roskilde.

Nine Inch Nails(Orange, 01:00)

Other semi interesting or slightly boring bands this day are:

Down(Arena, 19:00)

Oasis(Orange, 22:30)

Grace Jones(Arena, 23:30)

Amon Amarth(Odeon, 02:00)

Cola Freaks(Pavilion, 03:00)


I think I'll go see Lily Allen because I loved her first album. Unfortunately I don't like her second album very much, but I'd like to hear and see what she's like live:

Lily Allen(Arena, 21:30)

I'm not that impressed by Slipknot, but I suppose they'll deliver a kick ass show and there ain't not much else to choose from anyway. When I'm done with Lily Allen I'll probably catch the rest of this show:

Slipknot(Orange, 22:00)

Other semi interesting or slightly boring bands this day are:

Pet Shop Boys(Orange, 01:00)

Malk De Koijn(Arena, 02:00)

Dragontears(Pavilion, 03:00)


There is no chance in hell I'll still be at Roskilde when sunday's music begins, but if we fantasize that I would be there, I'd probably go see Peter Doherty just to see if he has another scandal up his sleeve:

Peter Doherty(Arena, 14:00)

A bit of heavy metal just to wake up:

Neurosis(Arena, 16:00)

I'm not blown away in any way by E.O.D.M., but I guess they could be worth spending some minutes listening to:

Eagles Of Death Metal(Orange, 17:00)

Madness will probably be kinda cool live or so I think. They did make some catchy songs back in the days, and I would surely see them had it not been Sunday evening with me already in my bed at home recovering for my trip to see NIN in Paris on Tuesday:

Madness(Orange, 19:15)

That's pretty much it. Not the worst program ever, but a bit of a shame that most of the interesting bands are packed on a single day (Friday) not leaving much musical fun for the rest of the festival. Anyway, looking forward to some days in the mud/dust! Rock on!

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