KP says

Roskilde Festival - R.I.P.

I think it is now quite fair to say that Roskilde Festival, as we used to know it, is dead. Today the gates will open and the music will begin to play, or will it? There is basically no music this year that is worth listening to (with the single exception of Grinderman.) This is all part of the strategy that the Festival has been following for several years now, but it has never been so obvious before, perhaps because it is easier to get a bigger picture following the Festival through television and newspapers instead of being burried in the mud like I was last year.

The audience going to this year's Roskilde Festival seems to be a horrific mix of: people that has a serious disgust to not being clean all the time and who has to take a hot bath twice a day. Hippie wannabees, skater types, men in sandals, organic believers, greenpeace fanatics, indie girls and many creatures that are even worse.

The Festival has finally been successful in driving away all the people that used to guarantee that special Roskilde feeling. There is no hardcore, metal people, punks, trashed out, anarchists or people with a serious fuck the world attitude. It looks like a bloody holiday camp for quite rich high school students, for fuck's sake.

It used to be about the rock'n'roll MUSIC, getting seriously wasted and trying to survive out there in the Roskilde "desert" on loads of booze and with very little sleep.

Today it it all about hip hop acts, indie bands, mtv clones, ice scating areas, swimming areas, skater ramps and super markets to name a few insanities. What the fuck happened to the important core areas: MUSIC and the Roskilde feeling itself? It has all gone down the drain.

Make no mistake. This is exactly the target the Festival has been aiming at for years. It is all part of their plan. All part of their new profile. But I, for one, certainly don't like the new profile. And I certainly don't like the audience that comes with it. As individuals many of them are probably okay, but they create an awful atmosphere if they aren't mixed with a correct amount of hardcore folks. There is nothing to like about this year's audience. GWAR would have called them: "worthless and weak". A perfect match for the music programme they certainly are.

It seems that future rock'n'roll Festival adventures should be found in Germany. A shame since I used to love going to Roskilde some years ago. Today I would have hated being there. No doubt about it. But I would have loved to hear Grinderman.

Just read a newspaper article saying that the volume level is ridiculously low this year again just like it was last year. Last year they tried to blame it on the rain and the wind, but I think that they won't be able to sell that ridiculous excuse this time around with the area all bathed in sun? What we see is the EU 85 dB shit law in full effect again, I assume? Well, considering that there is basically no real music this year anyway, then who cares? You may argue that it might be a relief actually not being able to hear it. But seriously come on Roskilde Festival, you are a fucking bunch of Wankers! Go dance with your Vega compadres. You totally suck and you know it!

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