KP says

Bruce Springsteen - Parken - Copenhagen - 2008-06-29 - Live

I had my doubts attending this one. Yeah, I'd been told that Bruce is so and so cool live and blah blah. However it turned out that I'll have to eat most of my words. The man has an undeniable charisma and knows how to rock a stadium for 3 hours straight and hardly without a break.

I'm still not too convinced by his studio outputs, but live he delivers like only very few living performers are able to today. He even played several songs requested by the audience. Something you rarely see in this completely choreographed and well-planned MTV music world of wanna-be musicians. Bruce would have been a gift to Roskilde Festival but they chose Jay-Z instead... oh boy.

He played two of my Bruce favorites: "Downbound Train" and "Trapped". Not bad considering it was my first and so far only live Bruce experience. The E-street band is tight no doubt about it (I guess they should be, since they've been with him for 200 years or so), but the rhythm section could need a few hundred Redbulls.

To top off the night I even slapped hands with Bruce (so with Prince already in the slappin' book), I guess I only have to kick Madonna in the teeth to make my record complete.

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