KP says

Weathermen/women made useful

During the last few days and especially yesterday (Friday) it has become more and more obvious what everybody already knew. Meteorologists are more full of shit than the average public toilet. They study for years for something that prepares them to talk bullshit, but still doesn't make them a tiny bit better than the ordinary Joe looking out his window in forecasting the weather.

At some point I actually thought that they could predict at least 2 days ahead. I was so wrong. They can't even make a useful guess for half a day. They are like astrological priests. And exactly as full of shit as all other priests. Not to mention astrologs.

Considering how many of them that earns a living from infesting your tv sets with pure bullshit I thought it was about time to come up with a solution: Let's place them all on stakes and pray to the big weather boogieman. It won't change the weather or predict a damn thing, but at least we'll have some fun while doing so. And it will get some very useless fucks off the air.

Pretty good idea, unless some of those bastards responsible for the tv channels have a better idea... like getting them off the fucking air. For fucking fuck's sake.

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