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Derwood Andrews - "Derwood and the Rat", LP, [2023] [Record Review]

Derwood Andrews - "Derwood and the Rat", LP, [2023]

A brand new album by Derwood Andrews and Rat Scabies. Derwood is known from bands like Generation X, Westworld, Moondogg and many more. Rat Scabies is known as the drummer in The Damned.

This is a 2 man project featuring Derwood on vocals and guitar and Rat Scabies on drums and percussion. Derwood mentions that is was originally written as an Empire album. Empire is another band that Derwood is known for. 

To me it sounds much more like some of Derwood's Tone Poet albums than the punk-rock sound of Empire. In particular it has a lot in common with the very first Tone Poet album "Vol. 1" and that is certainly not a bad thing. I really like most of the Tone Poet output. Tone Poet is not a band, it's just the name Derwood has been using since 2007 for his numerous solo album releases. 

You will also be able to notice some inspiration from other bands. I could easily imagine "The Friendly Animal" as a Moondogg song. It wouldn't take much to turn it into exactly that. We did in fact get a brand new Moondogg single just recently "Love Like Fire", so maybe the idea isn't that far-fetched.

"Derwood and the Rat" is a very consistent album and I really like it. I have already been listening to it a lot, both at home and when riding my bike to work. It is available as a digital download and on glorious vinyl. And yes, the vinyl sounds great.

  • Derwood Andrews - guitar and vocals
  • Rat Scabies - drums and percussion

Rating: 5

Band: Derwood Andrews

Record Title: Derwood and the Rat

This Release: 2023

RunTime: 39

Record Format: LP

Record Label: Blighty


  • The Wringer
  • She Came True
  • Stone Cold Heart
  • Where Were You
  • Geez Louise
  • Lonely Girl
  • Graveyard Love
  • The Day The World Turned Blue
  • Torn To Shreds
  • Tenderfoot
  • The Friendly Animal
  • London Loves The Rain

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Updated: 2023-06-23 17:33

Created: 2023-06-23 17:11

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